National Informatics Center, a Central Government Organisation working under the planning Department of Govt. of India has undertaken the job of computerization of the courts all over the country. It has a local centre in each district of the state and it is located in the collectorate compound or somewhere near it. The purpose of the computerization of courts has two objectives. Firstly to streamline and simplify the functioning of the registries of the Supreme Court of India, High Courts and Lower Courts in the country. Secondly to make the whole system transparent an information be available to the end user i.e. the litigant at the nearest possible place of his/her home town. For achieving these two objectives the National Informatics Centre has prepared a phased plan. The project report relating to it is being enclosed herewith for your detailed in formation and co-operation with the officers of NIC.

Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India has desired that the computerization work of the courts be taken on top priority and the NIC should given all necessary help to establish various systems in subordinate courts and its linking with the High Court and the Supreme Court. Here I may mention you that the NIC aims at solving your local problems relating to fresh filing of cases, the pending cases, the administrative matters, library, record room and other matters on a uniform pattern throughout the state so that the computerized systems of one place may be inter-linked with the other and they be compatible to each other. This would also help the compilation of the statistical data of the entire state at one place. This on the one hand, would increase your administrative grip on day-to-day affairs and on the other hand the High Court and the Supreme Court will be automatically appraised of all the developments taking place at the lowest cadre of the judiciary. This would also bring efficiency and transparency in the system.

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